Upcoming FET cycle

I write this as I sit in the Los Angeles international airport. Aaron and I took a trip to California for a dear friends wedding. We extended out trip to make a little vacation out of it. While I love vacationing and had such a wonderful time in CA, I am also very anxious to get home.

Arriving home means the start of our FET cycle is so close to beginning! In approx. two weeks I will begin meds to help prepare my body for the embryo or embryos that are soon to be residing there.

Before we left I received my protocol and ordered my meds. I will be taking a few different meds. An oral steroid, oral antibiotic, oral estrogen pill, baby aspirin, and an intramuscular injection of PIO (progesterone in oil).

Just some of my meds.

The PIO will not start until I have taken the other meds for 2 weeks and ultrasound clears me to begin it. I will actually report to the Dr. two different times for ultrasounds and lab work prior to transfer. Once for baseline check and again to see that the meds have done what they should have to move forward with transfer. Our fertility clinic is located in Carmel, meaning lengthy trips. Fortunately and very thankfully, my local OB/GYN has agreed to work with our RE (reproductive endocrinologist), in Carmel, to do our monitoring locally. Huge blessing not to have to travel back and forth multiple times!! If all looks good and goes according to plan I estimate transfer to take place on or around July 6th. This is just my estimate and everything will rely on how my body decides to work. We should be very close to that date though.

We’re just so ready for this to happen. This vacation has allowed for us to really connect and share/pray over our thoughts and hopes for these little ones of ours. We hope and pray that this was our last vacation as a family of two! See you soon snowflakes! ❤

Gifts from San Diego Zoo from Mommy and Daddy


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