Four’s Company

While working on all of the things that needed to be completed in order for Aaron and I to complete our embryo adoption, we had the opportunity to get to know T&K a lot more. It’s amazing how much we actually have in common. Just to name a couple things, they are big ND fans, which was a huge plus! ; ) we have a pretty similar infertility diagnosis’, we each enjoy traveling and spending time in foreign places, and we share like views on the subject of life and the chance out of the freezer these embryos deserve.

 T&K underwent IVF (in vitro fertilization) in 2010 after multiple attempts at conceiving on their own with no success. They responded very well to the fertility medications and fertilized 20 embryos! They were very surprised when they received this news. Some couples are lucky to successfully fertilize just one growing embryo. From the very beginning they felt that any remaining embryos were to be used and given a chance at an earthly life. This was always their plan. After going through an unsuccessful fresh transfer, and a successful frozen transfer, which resulted in their boy/girl twins, they were left with 16 beautiful embryos, which are currently stored in their home state of GA. After taking a few years to decide their family was complete, they began the process of searching for a new home for these little totsicles. That’s where we came in… and a couple other couples struggling through infertility.

Through this journey we have had the blessing of meeting not only T&K, but also two other families that have become very dear to our hearts! Sixteen embryos is a lot. In most cases, more than enough for one family. As you can see, it took T&K only 4 embryos to achieve their two children. So with the outcome of 16 remaining embryos, T&K had the opportunity to bless not only one family but three! There are four families involved in this adoption. This consists of the donating family, and three recipient families, which includes Aaron and I and then two other recipients families.


The bear we made at Build-A-Bear on adoption finalization day. A canvas I had made for all parties involved to signify the special bond we share. And our snowflake ornament gifted to us by one of the other recipient families.

Due to the emotions and separation that come from donating, by the wishes of T&K, we will not continue communication after the embryos are safe and sound in IN. It is agreed, in our legal documents, that we will update each other of all contact information and address changes. We are also free to contact them for any health emergencies that may arise that they may aide in. When and if our children wish to reach out to T&K, they may do so. It is our hope that T&K will reach out to us before this. We would love to continue a relationship with them and share updates with each other. We care for them and they have become like an extended family. With that said, we do respect and understand their wishes to stop communication for now. While this is a very joyous time for Aaron and I, we have to remember that they are giving a piece of themselves away. We can’t begin to comprehend the feelings that come along with that. We hope they find peace in knowing that their decision to give these embryos life out of the freezer is such an honorable, selfless, and inspiring act. We love them for not only choosing us but for choosing this path in general!

While we don’t foresee any near future communication with T&K, we do plan to keep in contact with the other two adopting families. We are so excited to follow each others journey on this path to bringing home our babies. They are wonderful people who we have connected so well with. Aaron and I feel so grateful to have gotten to know these two other families. We have built a special relationship and share a special bond. They each hold a special place in our hearts. It is in Aaron and I’s every intention to be 100% open with our children about their unique and very special origins. Having this wonderful relationship with these other families will only aid in our telling of our children’s beautiful story.


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