January 11th, 2014

The day we found out we would be receiving these precious embryos. It was a Saturday afternoon when I received a surprise e-mail, one that changed our lives forever. I had been keeping my phone near at all times and would check my e-mail religiously as we were in the very beginning stages of communicating and getting to know this family. I wanted to be readily available for any questions or communication they’d like to have. I had literally just gotten out of the shower when I read this message, one we didn’t expect to read so soon. I will refer to our donating family as T & K, the genetic man being T and the genetic woman, K. You see, T&K were taking some time to get to know some families before they made a decision on who they would donate their remaining embryos to. They expected to spend a few weeks getting to know some families before they felt they would come to a decision. Well, they must have felt just as we did because on Jan 11th, just three days after “meeting” this beautiful family, we received the following message…


“Hey guys. I finally was approved as a member of the miracles waiting website so I spent the afternoon reading through all the ads (talk about overwhelming) and it just confirmed what “T” and I were already sure of and that is that we would love for you to be the recipients of our embryos 🙂 Congratulations!! This is happening : ) We have a ton of videos of the kids from babies till now on YouTube if you want to see more of your future children’s genetic siblings.” This message was altered to respect the privacy of the donating family.


My heart sank. I ran out of the bathroom, crying, to get to Aaron who was in the next room. I shared with him the news as best as I could get it out. I finally just gave him my phone for him to read it himself. 😀 We shared a moment together, laughing, crying, trying to believe this was real. I can’t explain our feelings. I can say that in that moment was the most hope we had felt in a very long time, maybe ever. This is the closest we had ever been to achieving a pregnancy, to becoming parents. We knew there was much work to do before this was official and final but it was a huge milestone made.


In the three days we spent communicating with T&K, we developed such a bond and connection with them. We knew it was our right match and that every past situation didn’t work out because this one was coming! I believe the Lord had this match in store for us all along.


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