Meeting Potential Donor Family

Just a quick update.

Tonight, after many delays due to power outages, travel, and holidays, we will finally be meeting our potential donor family! We are meeting via Skype video chat. Not only will we be meeting them but also their first recipient family. The donor family has already donated some of their remaining embryos to a wonderful couple that in result has been blessed with a beautiful daughter. They are working together to find the final recipient couple. If this is our match and we are blessed with a pregnancy and live birth, our resulting child/children will already have two genetically related siblings. Pretty cool, huh?!

Anyways, we’re super excited and are feeling really comfortable and confident with our communication thus far. Please join us in prayer as we take this next step in our journey. We pray that we remain focused on letting the Lord work through us and having faith in His ultimate plan. We believe He has chosen us to be a source to which these frozen miracles can be given a chance to escape the freezer they are currently being held in and have a chance at an earthly life.

In honor of our embryo adoption journey, we chose and had gifted to us a snowflake ornament for our Christmas tree this year. A snowflake is often a representation of an embryo that has been frozen. We hope that we will be parents to these beautiful snowflakes soon!Image


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