“We feel that your responses to our questions were on target with what we are looking for in a recipient family.”

A couple of things to update on.

First… I was not offered the branch library position. At first, this was a little upsetting. I felt like I was really supposed to be there at that library. When I learned who did accept the position, it made complete sense. I have faith and feel certain that the outcome was totally meant to be. So for now, I will remain where I am and continue to enjoy all my great co-workers and patrons!

Second… We are moving right a long in our communication with the donor family. As I mentioned in my previous post, we had sent responses to their questions and were waiting for a response back. They wanted to take some time to read, discuss, and think about how we responded. The questions were to just get to know us a little better and see our views on some particular subjects. Well, they have responded! They emailed back and stated, “We feel that your responses to our questions were on target with what we are looking for in a recipient family.”!! This was a huge statement for Aaron and I to read. Although we are far from the end of finalizing things, this statement let us know that they are currently committed to us and allowing us to receive their remaining embryos.

I received some financial information from the facility where we would need to complete the transfer. The costs are much less compared to what they would have been with the facility we would have used in the last situation. Any form of assisted reproduction comes with a pretty hefty price tag and unfortunately infertility is not covered by insurance. That is unless you live in one of the six states that mandates coverage or you have a very generous employer who chooses one of the very few insurance company’s that do cover assisted reproduction. Hawaii is one of the six mandated states. Just saying… ; ) Anyways, these procedures are  not guaranteed to be successful. The facility where we would be having our transfer had a live birth success rate of 30% in 2011, which is not far off from the national average of 35%. Knowing these percentages  it is easy to see that it is not uncommon that one will need to go through more than one cycle to obtain a successful pregnancy. While we are so hopeful and follow a GREAT God, this is just something Aaron and I have to prepare ourselves for.  So the lower cost in facility fees will easier allow for multiple attempts should we not achieve success on our first try or on a more positive note… a later attempt for a sibling. : )



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