Major Milestone

Although I have never blogged before I am going to attempt to document this very special time in my husband and I’s lives. We don’t think this would be an issue but we have ask that you please remain from any negative comments and remarks as this is a very sensitive and serious matter to us. Aaron and I have been on a journey for 2 years now. The journey through infertility. While this journey started as a sad one, it has made us better, stronger, and more hopeful people. We were first confused and found it hard to understand but we now have complete faith and trust in our God that this is the plan he has for us. We’re ready to share our story. We are choosing to share this for a number of reasons. First of all, we want to create more awareness for embryo adoption . This form of adoption is not often heard of. Second, we would love for you to support us in prayer and encouragement. Third, we want to document this journey to share our hearts, throughout this process, with our resulting children.  And finally, to provide an outlet for others struggling through infertility to relate. You can read a little background of our situation in the “about” section. There is also a link there where you can find more information on embryo adoption. This blog is a work in progress, so,please, hang with me. I will later talk more about embryo adoption throughout this blog. For now I will briefly explain. Embryo adoption is the process of adopting remaining embryos created through IVF from another infertile couple who has decided that their family is complete. After a few months of prepping my body for pregnancy those embryos, however many we and our doctors decide sufficient, will then be implanted in my uterus in hopes of becoming pregnant. Through embryo adoption, we will be gifted a miracle/miracles, I will get to experience pregnancy and that special bond, and we will save embryos from being discarded. There are a few ways to receive embryos. You can complete an embryo adoption through a fertility clinic, The National Embryo Donation Center, or by use of a website called Miracles Waiting. Nearly 9 months ago Aaron and I decided we would like to use Miracles Waiting to begin our embryo adoption journey. Miracles Waiting can basically be described as for finding embryos, rather than a mate. lol Through Miracles waiting, we will post a profile of what we are looking for in a donor couple. Donors can then contact us or we can contact donors who have listed profiles. Once a match is made we will complete all legal work through an attorney, and arrange for the actual embryo transfer. That is a very summed up explanation of it.  With that said, I want to share with you a major milestone Aaron and I have made this week. We officially registered through Miracles Waiting on Monday and our application was accepted Tuesday! Today we posted our profile to be reviewed before it is actually posted for donors to see. We also contacted our first potential donor today and we will wait to hear for a reply. Right now, we hope to just get to know them a little more.  This is such an over whelming and exciting time for us.  We are praying that the Lord continue to guide us through this chapter in our life. That he give us peace, and assurance that he will remain faithful. We know that all perfect and great things come from him and we are so grateful to Him for providing the means and opportunity to experience this road to starting our family.


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