Making Progress

Some very exciting things have been happening lately. Things that have consumed a lot of my writing time. haha I can’t wait to share with you all. About a week ago, we received an e-mail from one of the donor couples we contacted. It came as such a shock. Since my last post I have relaxed a lot. The excitement has settled to the point that I’m not checking my e-mail every 10 minutes to look for a response. Lol. It’s amazing how God works and how he surprises us when we least expect it. Aaron and I had diligently been praying over myself, to free me from the anxiousness. Just as I gave it to the Lord, he proved himself to me. I became free from the worry and then WHAM, I get this amazing response from a donor family, one that we were interested in from the very beginning.  I was at work when I read the e-mail. I had to take a minute to contact Aaron and share the news. I could hardly contain myself. The e-mail consisted of them wanting to know what we were looking for in an adoption relationship and shared some information about where the embryos are currently stored. They shared with us that the embryos are frozen in Arizona, their previous home, and that that is where they would need to be used. They also let us know that they were searching for recipients who wanted an open adoption. This is something I have felt strongly about since we ever considered adoption. I absolutely wanted an open adoption. We feel that the children will deserve to know of their origins. They will have genetic siblings living within 300 miles from us. We want them to know and experience a relationship with them. We would like for this donor family to become like an extended family of ours. We envision an aunt/uncle, cousin type relationship. They are choosing to give part of them away. Their selfless act will leave us forever grateful. The details of this arrangement will continue to be discussed and will eventually be outlined in a legal contract should our communication result in a match. Since the discussion on the open relationship we have just been e-mailing back and forth, getting to know each other.  Soon, maybe tonight, we will chat on the phone. If everything continues to progress nicely this week, we will be meeting the family this weekend, most likely Sunday, in their state of Ohio. It’s funny how it worked out, actually. Aaron and I planned on being in Ohio for a Cedar Point trip with his parent’s and some customers of the company Aaron works for. When we realized how close the donor family lived to Cedar Point, we knew we wanted to take some time out of our day to meet them if they were up for it. When we proposed the idea, they thought just as much as we did that that was a great idea. We’re so excited to see where this leads. I look forward to hopefully being able to share some more good news with you all, soon! For now, I want to thank you for your encouragement and prayers. We surely are feeling them and we are greatly appreciative!


Waiting Game

Our profile posted to the Miracles Waiting website on Friday, August 9th  This means donor families can now view some information about us and see what we’re looking for in a donor. If they feel like we’d be a good match for them, they may contact us. It’s such a surreal thing to see our ad and photo listed on the site. Multiple times I have found myself on our page, reading our profile. As I’m reading, I often find myself in awe that this is really our story. Although we’re still in the very beginning stages, I’m so proud of where we are in this journey and how far we have come. What first seemed to be a roadblock in our lives is now viewed as an opportunity. It’s an amazing feeling.

 As I mentioned in my previous post, we contacted our first donor. Since then, we have also contacted one other donor who we believe could be a good match. We have yet to receive any correspondence from either of them yet.  If you know me, you may have picked up on the fact that I am a pretty impatient person. This is mostly due to the fact that I was the only child/grandchild, for 9 years, on my mother’s side of my family, which I was closest with and spent a lot of time with in my younger years. Between an uncle, two aunts, a wonderful set of grandparents, and my own parents I often got whatever I wanted, when I wanted it. I have to admit, I was spoiled. With that said, I am finding it a little difficult to remain patient through this waiting period of being matched. This is a little easier for Aaron as he is one of the most patient people I know. He is being a great support through this time. He keeps reminding me that this is a big decision for the donor families. I have to allow myself to remember that. There’s certainly truth to the saying opposites attract. It helps to have a spouse whose personality and traits complement yours.

 There are certain things donors are looking for in a recipient, just as there are things we, recipients, are looking for in a donor.  I’m sure that the donor families get an abundance of e-mails regarding the embryos they have chosen to donate. It is estimated that there are currently over 600,000 human embryos frozen in the U.S. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those embryos are available for adoption. Currently, through Miracles Waiting, there are only 18 donor families looking for the perfect someone to adopt their embryos. This is not a large amount when you see that there are five pages of recipients looking for embryos to adopt. Knowing those statistics it is easy to see that the matching process could take a long time.

So in this time, my patience will be challenged. We just remain hopeful and wait for the perfect match. Much discussion, prayer, and time go into finding the perfect match. These are things I have to continually remind myself as we wait. I trust that God has the perfect children for us and that in time, at the exact perfect time, we will have them in our arms. I know that, I just have to wait for it. : D

Major Milestone

Although I have never blogged before I am going to attempt to document this very special time in my husband and I’s lives. We don’t think this would be an issue but we have ask that you please remain from any negative comments and remarks as this is a very sensitive and serious matter to us. Aaron and I have been on a journey for 2 years now. The journey through infertility. While this journey started as a sad one, it has made us better, stronger, and more hopeful people. We were first confused and found it hard to understand but we now have complete faith and trust in our God that this is the plan he has for us. We’re ready to share our story. We are choosing to share this for a number of reasons. First of all, we want to create more awareness for embryo adoption . This form of adoption is not often heard of. Second, we would love for you to support us in prayer and encouragement. Third, we want to document this journey to share our hearts, throughout this process, with our resulting children.  And finally, to provide an outlet for others struggling through infertility to relate. You can read a little background of our situation in the “about” section. There is also a link there where you can find more information on embryo adoption. This blog is a work in progress, so,please, hang with me. I will later talk more about embryo adoption throughout this blog. For now I will briefly explain. Embryo adoption is the process of adopting remaining embryos created through IVF from another infertile couple who has decided that their family is complete. After a few months of prepping my body for pregnancy those embryos, however many we and our doctors decide sufficient, will then be implanted in my uterus in hopes of becoming pregnant. Through embryo adoption, we will be gifted a miracle/miracles, I will get to experience pregnancy and that special bond, and we will save embryos from being discarded. There are a few ways to receive embryos. You can complete an embryo adoption through a fertility clinic, The National Embryo Donation Center, or by use of a website called Miracles Waiting. Nearly 9 months ago Aaron and I decided we would like to use Miracles Waiting to begin our embryo adoption journey. Miracles Waiting can basically be described as for finding embryos, rather than a mate. lol Through Miracles waiting, we will post a profile of what we are looking for in a donor couple. Donors can then contact us or we can contact donors who have listed profiles. Once a match is made we will complete all legal work through an attorney, and arrange for the actual embryo transfer. That is a very summed up explanation of it.  With that said, I want to share with you a major milestone Aaron and I have made this week. We officially registered through Miracles Waiting on Monday and our application was accepted Tuesday! Today we posted our profile to be reviewed before it is actually posted for donors to see. We also contacted our first potential donor today and we will wait to hear for a reply. Right now, we hope to just get to know them a little more.  This is such an over whelming and exciting time for us.  We are praying that the Lord continue to guide us through this chapter in our life. That he give us peace, and assurance that he will remain faithful. We know that all perfect and great things come from him and we are so grateful to Him for providing the means and opportunity to experience this road to starting our family.